ThermiBreast employs the ThermiTight treatment to gently heat the subdermal tissue beneath the skin, increasing the patient’s natural breast form. The skin tissue contracts as a result of the regulated application of heat, resulting in a lift and enhanced contour. It’s done by gently heating certain tissues to a pre-determined therapeutic temperature with a tiny probe inserted beneath the skin. The creation of collagen is also boosted when the skin is heated. Collagen production can help with anti-aging by tightening the skin, elevating the breasts, and, in certain situations, reducing the appearance of stretch marks.


  • Heat that can be controlled
  • Real-time feedback on tissue temperature
  • a single program
  • Invasive to the bare minimum
  • There will be little downtime.


Healthy women who want to elevate or enhance the definition of their breasts are good candidates for ThermiBreast. Many of our ThermiBreast patients have just given birth or are simply experiencing sagginess in their breasts as a result of age or heredity.

Ptosis is the medical term for the sagging of the breasts. Patients who want to reduce modest breast ptosis without having to undergo invasive surgery may be suitable candidates for ThermiBreast.


When a patient has minimal ptosis of the breasts, ThermiBreast is considered an alternative to a breast lift. While the treatment can help with body contouring, it is not intended to increase breast volume. Patients who desire to increase their cup size by a cup size or more should consider breast augmentation with implants or fat transfer. Lifting and tightening the breasts, on the other hand, might provide the appearance of additional breast tissue. Many women prefer ThermiBreast to breast lifts since it eliminates incisions, general anesthesia, and a lengthy recovery period. Patients can return to work the next day after receiving ThermiBreast treatments. A breast lift, on the other hand, necessitates at least one to two weeks off work for recovery, drains may be required, and scars are noticeable. ThermiBreast, on the other hand, cannot provide the more dramatic outcomes that a surgical breast lift may. Patients with more severe sagging or big breasts will almost certainly need a more intrusive surgery to attain their desired outcomes. Although neither operation is intended to erase stretch marks, ThermiBreast may help to enhance their appearance by increasing collagen production.




Because the ThermiBreast process only requires local anaesthetic and is performed in the office, patients will remain awake throughout the operation. As a result, the technique is safer, less expensive, and produces faster results than traditional surgical procedures.

The doctor will create tiny incisions around the areola and insert the probe through these small holes after administering anaesthetic. The probe will deliver radiofrequency radiation to the tissue, gradually heating it. The skin and tissue in the heated area will contract as a result of this.


ThermiBreast treatment is very simple and quick to recover from, especially when compared to the alternative surgical breast lift technique. There will be no need for stitches because there are no substantial incisions, and there will be no scarring as a result. Bruising and swelling around the breasts are the most typical side effects. The patient will be placed in a postoperative compression garment or a tight-fitting sports bra to support the breasts and reduce bruising and swelling, as well as improve body-contouring results.

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