Sientra Breast Implants

What are Sientra breast implants and how do you get them?

Curve-shaped gel implants and Opus: Luxe round gel implants are two FDA-approved silicone gel breast implant choices offered by Sientra. Both are available in a variety of sizes, projections (how far forward they protrude from the breast), and surfaces (textured or smooth) to accommodate various body proportions and desired outcomes. They’re also available in two varieties of silicone gel that are extremely cohesive.

Cohesiveness, often known as “gumminess,” refers to the hardness of the silicone gel, which is determined by how the silicone molecules are connected. All Sientra breast implants are “gummy bear” implants (medically referred to as “form-stable” or “very cohesive”). When touched, this solid yet elastic kind of silicone gel returns to its former shape, much like gummy bear candy.

Luxe round gel implants come in five projections (low, moderate, moderate plus, high, and extra high), two surface kinds (textured and smooth), and two types of silicone gel (HSC and HSC+).

HSC+ silicone gel is used to fill curve-shaped gel implants. They are available in three different shapes (classic, round, and oval) as well as a variety of widths, heights, and projections to provide for a more tailored fit. The rough surface of all Curve implants is supposed to aid in maintaining the implant’s place in your body.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Sientra breast implants?


  • Breasts are reshaped and fuller using Sientra implants.
  • Many RealSelf doctors regard Sientra’s warranty to be the finest in the business. It includes a free lifetime replacement if your implant ruptures, as well as a free lifetime replacement if you develop capsular contracture during the first 20 years after receiving your implants.
  • For individuals whose breasts have been impacted by breast cancer, their implants can also be used in breast reconstruction.
  • The gel cohesiveness of the implants is divided into two stages. Both are supposed to appear and feel like genuine breast tissue, while more cohesive implants may feel firmer. During your consultation, request to feel each choice.
  • Sientra is the only silicone gel breast implant brand available through only board-certified or board-eligible plastic surgeons.
Sientra Breast Implants


  • Breast implants aren’t meant to stay forever, and breast augmentation isn’t usually a one-time procedure. Complications are more likely to occur during revision procedures than they are during the initial implant procedure.
  • Because most implant ruptures are asymptomatic (also known as “silent ruptures”), you or your doctor are unlikely to detect right away if a silicone gel–filled breast implant ruptures. Pain or changes in the form or contour of the breasts are possible indicators of a rupture. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is recommended by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to check for implant rupture five years after implantation and every two years after that—at a cost of roughly $2,000 each MRI.
  • FDA hearings on breast implant hazards and adverse effects were held recently in response to growing patient concerns. The FDA issued a number of new standards in May 2019, focusing on greater communication for patients and clinicians, as well as enhanced data collecting on problems. Breast implants, on the other hand, are still among the most researched medical devices, with FDA-approved implants undergoing comprehensive testing for safety and efficacy.
  • With breast implants in place, mammography for identifying breast cancer (or cancer recurrence) can be more difficult. Before the procedure, make sure the technician knows you have breast implants.
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