Natural Breast Implants

What is natural breast augmentation, exactly?

Natural breast augmentation is a treatment in which our physicians offer you the biggest breasts possible without using any foreign implants. Rather, we take fat from another region of your body and use it to augment the size of your breasts. For many patients, this treatment is a win-win since it allows us to employ liposuction to remove fat from a part of the body that you’d like slimmed down while also increasing breast volume.

What are the advantages of natural breast enhancement?

Natural breast augmentation has the advantage of allowing you to have larger breasts without having a foreign body implanted. This is a significant factor for some people. You have a lower risk of infection and no risk of a ruptured implant if you do not have any foreign objects implanted in your body. Another advantage of natural breast augmentation is that it is virtually scarless because the fat is injected rather than implanted. Furthermore, because no incisions are required to insert the fat, we can often employ a milder kind of anesthetic. This is advantageous because procedures requiring general anesthesia frequently require a longer recovery period before the patient can return home. Natural breast augmentation rarely necessitates the use of general anaesthetic, allowing patients to return home sooner. When compared to surgical implants, you can anticipate to return to your normal daily activities sooner with natural breast augmentation.

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Before you use the fat for natural breast augmentation, what happens to it?

We process the fat after we remove it from the area of your choice utilizing our liposuction techniques. Our method transforms fat into a liquid that is easier to inject into the breasts. This also ensures that the fat cells are clean and ready for the operation. The little drips of liquid fat will next be inserted into your breasts.

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What are the drawbacks of a natural breast augmentation procedure?

If a person wants a significant increase in breast size, natural breast augmentation is usually not the best option. It is reasonable to expect a 1-cup increase in size when fat transfer is used to expand the size of the breasts. If you’re looking for a bigger boost, saline or silicone implants might be the way to go.

If I undergo natural breast augmentation, where will you get the fat?

We usually extract fat from the thighs, abdomen, or buttocks. If you choose to get breast augmentation with fat transfer, we will consult with you to identify which location would be most advantageous.

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Is fat transfer enhancement a good option for me?

Coming in for a consultation is the best way to find out if natural breast augmentation is right for you. In general, the following individuals are suitable candidates for natural breast augmentation:

  • In excellent physical condition
  • Non-smokers
  • Do you want to boost your breast size by a little to moderate amount?
  • Are your breasts asymmetrical or uneven in shape?
  • Realistic in terms of the procedure’s anticipated outcomes

What is the difference between a natural breast augmentation and a breast augmentation with implants in terms of price?

Natural breast augmentation may be slightly more expensive than implant-based augmentation. The higher cost is due to the fact that the natural breast augmentation surgery also involves the cost of fat removal via liposuction. However, because each scenario is unique, please contact us for a more specific quote.

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