Nagor Breast Implants

Nagor breast implants are a type of breast implant

Nagor breast implants are silicone and saline-filled implants that are used for breast augmentation and reconstruction in the European Union. They aren’t yet available in the United States since they haven’t been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, but they do have the CE mark, which is the European Union’s equivalent of FDA approval.

Sizes, shapes (teardrop or spherical), projections (how far out and wide they protrude from the chest), and materials are all available (textured or smooth). Up to 90 choices for customized fit are available in each of the primary lines.

Nagor breast implants are backed by a lifetime warranty that includes free replacement implants in the case of capsular contracture or rupture. (The expense of a hip replacement is not covered.)

Depending on your anatomy and needs, your plastic surgeon may choose one of these Nagor implant kinds.

Nagor’s saline implants contain a sterile saltwater solution that is identical to the fluid found naturally in the body. Although they feel slightly stiffer than gel implants, some patients prefer saline because it’s easier to identify ruptures and there’s no risk of silicone leakage. These circular implants come in a variety of profiles and sizes, as well as a smooth or textured surface, giving you a total of 64 alternatives. They’re manufactured to order and tailored to your physique and objectives.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Nagor breast implants?


  • They can enhance fullness and contour breasts, much like all other breast implants.
  • Breasts that have been removed after breast cancer therapy can also be reconstructed.
  • Nagor implants come in 270 various variations, and their saline-filled implants are custom-made to request.
  • Nagor provides a lifetime guarantee that includes the replacement implant.
  • The effects are immediate, and they tend to improve over time.
Nagor Breast Implants


  • Because of a relationship between textured implants and a rare kind of cancer, Nagor implants with a textured surface have been banned in some countries.
  • Every breast implant has some level of risk.
  • Breast implants can make mammography more difficult to identify breast cancer or cancer recurrence.

What are the prices of Nagor breast implants?

Breast implants can make mammography more difficult to identify breast cancer or cancer recurrence.

When it comes to Nagor breast implants, how long do they last?

Nagor breast implants, like all other breast implants, are not meant to last a lifetime and may need to be removed, modified, or replaced as they age. Expect to see your surgeon in person at least once every ten years to discuss screening alternatives for “silent” ruptures.

What are the Nagor breast implant alternatives?

The most popular breast implants in the United States are Mentor, Natrelle, and Sientra, but it doesn’t imply one is inherently superior than the others.

Choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon is more crucial than implant brand when it comes to breast implant surgery. Because each implant type has subtle variances in appearance, feel, and size, many surgeons use a variety of implant kinds.

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