Large Breast Implants

Concerning Large Breast Implants

Breast implants with a volume of 600 cubic centimeters (cc) or more are termed large. Breast implants ranging from 600cc to 700cc would provide most women DD-sized breasts or even larger, depending on their natural breast size.

Breast implants ranging from 800cc to 1000cc are recommended for those who seek a very dramatic enlargement. Breast implants can be up to 1200cc in size.

When are smaller implants a better option than larger implants?

Breast implants that are smaller do not always imply little breasts. Patients frequently feel that in order to attain their desired outcomes, they must have huge breast implants implanted. This isn’t always the case. They sometimes forget that they are enhancing rather than replacing their own breast tissue. Breast implants ranging from 200cc to 300cc can often get the job done with less risks and excellent results.


Patients should be advised that larger breast implants carry more hazards than smaller implants, including the following:


  • Shoulder and back pain might be caused by breasts that are excessively big.
  • Many women overestimate the size of breast implant they want and end up needing revision surgery.
  • As the patient gets older, larger breast implants increase the risk of breast ptosis, which is the medical name for sagging breasts.
  • Larger breast implants are connected with a slightly increased risk of rupture than smaller breast implants.

Large Breast Implants Are Sometimes the Best Option

However, in some circumstances, big breast implants are the best option. Large breast implants will bring their breasts into better proportion with the rest of their bodies for certain patients whose breasts are simply not in harmony with their figures. Others merely know what they require to feel more feminine and appealing, and huge breast implants will deliver.

What Makes Larger Breast Implants a Better Option?

Going up one or two breast sizes may be appealing to some women. There’s a rationale for this body enhancement because breast augmentation is such a personal decision. The following are some of the most popular reasons for choosing bigger breast implants:

What aspects should you think about if you’re thinking about getting Overly Large Breast Implants?

During your breast implant surgery consultation, your surgeon will evaluate and discuss the following factors with you:

  • Size of the chest
  • The distance between your nipples is the distance between your nipples.
  • Your torso’s height
  • The implants’ location
  • Your breast’s position in relation to your rib cage
  • Your rib cage’s shape
  • Hips measurement
  • Your natural breast size
  • Elasticity of the skin
  • The type of breast tissue you have now or the composition of your breasts
  • Your goal and strategy for changing the shape or size of your breasts
  • Your occupation or way of life
  • The proportion of your entire body shape
  • Height and weight in general

What are the Drawbacks of Using Larger Breast Implants?

  • Larger breast implants are heavier: Because a foreign object is inserted in your breasts, it’s usual to acquire a modest amount of weight after your breast augmentation operation. As a result, it may have an impact on your regular activities. It may hinder you from doing intense exercises like jogging, leaping, or stair-stepping, for example. As a result, it is advisable to ask your breast surgeon all of your questions and express all of your worries during your consultation session so that the optimum breast implant size for you can be determined.
  • Your breasts may sag over time as a result of your movements: Gravity forces the implants and your natural breast tissue to slide away from your chest in a downward direction while you go about your everyday activity. This strains and weakens the breast tissue, causing your breasts to sag over time. As a result, the larger your breast implants are, the more flexibility your skin loses.
  • Larger breast implants can appear unnatural: While a larger breast profile can help you stand out, it can also give the impression that your breasts are false and unnatural. The fact that you had breast augmentation surgery to increase the size of your breasts may become too visible.
  • Larger breast implants are more prone to rupture than smaller breast implants: Larger breast implants are more prone to rupture than smaller breast implants. When a leak happens, it may not be discovered right away until symptoms appear. As a result, you may need corrective/revision surgery to improve your breast profile and avoid issues in the future. This is due to the implant’s substance interacting with the surrounding breast tissue and spreading to nearby lymph nodes. [1] In the event of this issue, your surgeon may advise you to have your breast implants removed.
  • Breast implant-related back and neck pain can be a problem: Due to their heavier weight, larger breast implants might put additional strain on the muscles of your back and neck. As a result, muscle soreness in certain locations may occur from time to time.
  • The following are examples of shoulder grooves caused by bra straps: Because of the weight of your breast implants, your typical bra may not be able to support them, resulting in shoulder grooves.
  • Wrinkles or ripples around the breast area can occur for a variety of reasons: In order to accept larger breast implants, the breast tissue must be stretched. Wrinkles and ripples around the breast area might appear over time.
  • If you are an athlete or are physically active, you may need to adjust your lifestyle following your breast augmentation. To prevent breast drooping and implant rupture, you may need to minimize activities that place additional strain on your breasts.
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