Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

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What is fat transfer breast augmentation?

Fat transfer breast augmentation essentially uses liposuction to take fat from other parts of your body and inject it into your breasts.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer is known as “autologous breast augmentation.” Fat is taken from another part of the body, such as the abdomen, love handles, thighs, or buttocks. The fat cells are cleaned after harvesting and then injected into the breasts to enhance volume. A slight increase in breast volume is achieved with this technique. As it is your natural fat, the effects are extremely soft and natural. This method is also less invasive than implant-based augmentation.


Some fat cells will be reabsorbed once they have been delivered to your breasts, therefore overfilling is important. The fat that remains after the three-month healing phase has produced blood vessels in the fatty tissue, resulting in a long-term increase in breast volume.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when analyzing the results:

(1) There will be some resorption of the injected fat, which may result in a minor reduction in size. (2) Our body shape, including your breasts, might vary as you gain or lose weight. (3) As your weight fluctuates, fat cells might become larger or smaller. It's possible that losing a lot of weight will have an impact on the outcome of your treatment.

The following are essential for sustaining your breast augmentation results:

(1) Maintain a healthy way of living. (2) Consume a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables. (3) Maintain a regular exercise routine.

Breast Reconstruction
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  • A full recovery will take an average of six weeks due to the time it takes for the injected fat to build and develop blood vessels. However, with low to moderate discomfort, your recovery will normally take only a few days. To reduce swelling at the donor site, you will be provided with a compression garment.

  • It will take some time for the new, living fat cells in your breasts to combine with the old breast tissue. As a result, you must refrain from applying any pressure on your breasts for at least two weeks. Wearing a bra, sleeping on your stomach, or doing anything that puts direct pressure on your breasts will be impossible.
  • If you work at a desk job, you should be able to return in three to five days. Physically demanding jobs may require you to stay a few days longer before returning.


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