Eurosilicone Breast Implants

What are the advantages of Eurosilicone breast implants?

Eurosilicone is a French brand of silicone gel–filled breast implants that is sold in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. Although Eurosilicone implants are widely used in other countries, they are not approved for use in the United States. They do, however, have the CE mark, which is the European Union’s equivalent of FDA certification.

Eurosilicone implants are available in round (Round Collection) or anatomical (Matrix) shapes in a variety of sizes, profiles, and densities, with a total of 335 permutations. They’re comprised of cohesive silicone, a form of gel that can hold their shape, and they have a Paragel barrier layer to keep the gel in place.

They’re available with a Cristalline surface that’s either smooth or textured. The texture helps maintain the implant in place by providing a more gripping surface—but textured implants have been linked to the development of breast implant–associated anaplastic large-cell lymphoma, a rare kind of immune system cancer (BIA-ALCL). Some textured implants have been banned as a precaution in a number of nations, including Australia, France, and Canada. (BIA-ALCL is not connected to smooth implants.)

It’s crucial to remember that Eurosilicone breast implants, like other breast implants, aren’t designed to last a lifetime and may need to be removed, updated, or replaced if complications or issues arise, such as leaking, wrinkling, or migration.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Eurosilicone implants?


  • Eurosilicone has a large selection of silicone breast implants, which are more popular than saline-filled implants (saltwater).
  • They come in two varieties of silicone gel: soft and natural. Request that your provider allow you to see and feel both types.
  • If you want extra volume or reconstruction after breast cancer treatment, breast implants can improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence.
  • GC Aesthetics, Eurosilicone’s parent firm, provides a comprehensive warranty on its breast implants that lasts the patient’s lifetime. In the case of implant rupture or the development of capsular contracture, it covers free replacement implants.
  • These implants may be less costly than those offered by larger corporations.
Eurosilicone Breast Implants


  • The cost of breast implant surgery is high, and it is not covered by insurance (except for breast reconstruction).
  • Because most implant ruptures are asymptomatic (also known as “silent ruptures”), you or your doctor are unlikely to detect right away if a silicone breast implant ruptures. A rupture could cause pain and/or changes in the shape or contour of your breasts.
  • Textured breast implants, such as those offered by Eurosilicone, have been linked to the development of BIA-ALCL. Make sure you’re aware of all the hazards associated with any type of breast implant.

What are the prices of Eurosilicone breast implants?

The cost of your Eurosilicone breast implant will be determined by a number of factors, including the type of Eurosilicone breast implant you select. Although Eurosilicone implants are less expensive than those made by other companies, it’s best not to make a selection based solely on price, especially when it comes to a significant procedure like breast augmentation or reconstruction. Find a board-certified plastic surgeon who can recommend the best implants, execute your operation safely, and provide you with the greatest outcomes.

Although health insurance does not cover breast augmentation for cosmetic reasons, your insurance provider may be legally compelled to fund the breast reconstruction procedure of your choice following a mastectomy.

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