Breast Reconstruction Revision

What is Breast Reconstruction Revision?

After a mastectomy, breast reconstruction surgery is an important part of regaining confidence. Unfortunately, the breast reconstruction may not have reached your expectations in some circumstances. Several factors may have contributed to your dissatisfaction with the appearance of your repaired breast or breasts, including.

  • Contracture of the capsule
  • Asymmetry of the breasts
  • Rippling
  • Scarring that is excessive
  • The breast that has been restored does not match the breast that has been left.
  • Infection \sPain
  • Breast shape that is poor or abnormal
  • Unnaturally large breasts
  • Failures in flap reconstruction


Revision surgery for breast reconstruction necessitates surgical expertise, artistry, and experience in the most advanced surgical procedures. We are proud of our reputation for surgical quality and our artistic approach to challenging surgical operations, such as revision breast reconstruction.

Breast Reconstruction Revision Techniques

One hopes that the days ahead would be trouble-free after undergoing breast reconstruction surgery. This isn’t always the case, however. Every patient has their own set of problems, and only a thorough examination can determine which operation – or combination of procedures – is required.

Among the procedures that could be employed are:

  • Revision of scars
  • Reconstruction of the nips
  • Replacement of an implant
  • Breast lift and reshaping for those who want to keep their natural breasts.
  • Capsular contracture can be treated surgically.
  • Fat transfer that occurs naturally
  • Liposuction
  • Correction of a flap

Women who need a revision of their breast reconstruction want to be sure that the second treatment is successful and that it addresses all of their cosmetic concerns. It is critical that the revision surgery be performed by a professional plastic surgeon who is known for providing stunning outcomes using the most recent surgical procedures.

Breast Reconstruction Revision


Revision Surgery for Breast Reconstruction Candidates

Revision surgery is usually recommended for women who are unhappy with the results of an earlier breast reconstruction, are in good health, and are not actively receiving cancer treatment. In many circumstances, health insurance will cover this procedure. We welcome you to come see us to discuss your concerns and get your condition assessed.


Revision surgery is usually scheduled three months after the initial procedure. The revision is frequently performed as part of a full breast reconstruction treatment to complete the appearance of the restored breast, match symmetry with the remaining breast, or undertake contouring.

Based on your particular demands and the type of reconstruction that was initially performed, the length of time required for your surgical operation and the remedial surgical activities that will be required will vary. In most situations, the surgery takes between one and four hours.


The length of recovery will depend on the number of surgeries required to achieve natural-looking, symmetrical breasts. While some women may require more extensive surgical corrections, in most situations the recovery time is shorter than what was required following the initial surgery.

Bruising, swelling, itching, and some discomfort are to be expected, although these can be handled in the early stages with prescription pain medication (if needed).

While we recommend waiting a week before returning to work, some patients can return in as little as 5 or 6 days if the job does not require physical exertion. After two weeks, normal bras and bikini tops can be worn. For the first five days after surgery, no exercise or intense activities is permitted. Light exercise can be begun now, but more intensive physical activity should wait until three weeks after surgery.

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